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New Editions

Life around here has definitely been increasing. In the last few months we have added 5 new chickens, a kitten, a livestock guardian dog and a foal. 😳

Starting in the order we got them, we welcomed our LGD Zoey. She was 3 months old when we got her and is growing a lot! She is super soft and cuddly. She is getting much better with the chickens and we haven’t had any major chicken injuries lately.

The next introduction would be our new foal Nadira Rose. We bought her mom Lucky last September from an amish farm. We had been trying to plump Lucky up since she was malnourished and since the weight seemed to go mainly to her middle we were under the impression she had a bad case of worms. Turns out she was pregnant. Luckily our horse is on the older side and it’s possible she gave birth before because she delivered a beautiful little foal all on her own without us knowing or helping. Nadira was born May 22nd and is a little ornery spitfire. She seems to be pretty attached to my 5 year old Marissa which works out great because she just can’t wait to ride her (she has a few years to wait 😂).


Next up are the 5 baby chicks we bought from a farm down the road. Unlike the ones we bought at tractor supply we got these chicks the same day that they hatched and it was unknown if they are male or female. They have really started growing now and we believe one of them is male. I said I would never have a rooster BUT this chicken has to be the sweetest chicken ever. He just sits and lets me hold him and pet him. All of them are really sweet actually and want to be cuddled. Out of all my birds these 5 must be my favorite especially this crazy one we are calling RooRoo.

Last up to our newest additions is Heyhay our kitten. We went over to a farm down the road and stopped to see about buying some hay. While waiting on the man to come out his wife walked up to the truck asking if we wanted a kitten from the litter their cat had and she handed a cute little gray furball with blue eyes through the window. This little guy fits right in. Tabby loves playing with him and they sleep next to each other. He likes to cuddle and attack feet.


It’s an excited and happy farm around here 😊😍💕



About 2 1/2 weeks ago we woke very early to a surprise….Snowball (one of our rabbits) had babies. 8 little tiny baby rabbits.

They are only a few weeks old but have already grown so much. The last few days they have started jumping out of the nest box, eating hay and trying to drink water. They are still feeding with Snowball of course but already learning to be independent.

We hold and pet them all the time so they are going to be very people friendly. Even now if we put our hands down they will come over to us and like to snuggle.

We are finding homes for most of them but at least one will be staying. An all black one that my eldest daughter named Lotus. Time to begin litter training 😊

Snowball’s babies

Life is CrAzY

I have been MIA from my blog for about 2 months and it’s sad. It’s also a long story. Who wants to catch up? Keep reading. 😊

December 16, 2020……..oh boy. After dinner I decided to run to the store for milk and a few things for the kids to have the next day while I was at work. It had been snowing that day and our road looked bad, but that’s normal. I jumped in my Denali and left. On the way there the main roads were a little bad but nothing too scary. After leaving the store the roads seemed completely fine. I missed my turn to the road home that I knew would be clear 🙄. I went to the next road that takes me home which happens to be a back road. Turning onto the road I could see it had not been cleared but I was too far into the turn to stop and slide down the hill. (The road goes down hill) So I continued on for a bit. Then after going over another hill (don’t we love back roads) my Denali picked up some speed that made me uncomfortable so I started to slow down a little, then I think I hit a patch of ice possibly because, I started sliding. I slid pretty far (it happened so fast it didn’t seem like it), went off the road and hit a tree. My car was turned onto it’s side into a ditch and the top was against a tree. I climbed out of my driver side window and sat on the door. Luckily, I had my phone in between my legs while I was driving because it’s the only thing I had or could reach once I was stopped. My purse flew who knows where.

I called my husband first because I knew he would start wondering where I am. He, of course, wanted to get in his truck and come save me. I called 911 after talking to him. While on the phone with 911, someone who lives on that road came out yelling “hello” with a flashlight. His wife had heard the wreck and he came to see. He stayed with me until someone came because I was unable to climb off my car safely. He was worried they would drive right past me and not see me down there. When they arrived they used a ladder to get me off my car. They checked me over and the only complaint that I had was how bad my head hurt and almost a burning feeling on top of my head.

I went to the nearest hospital by squad and my husband stayed with the car. He told me they used a crane to lift my car out of the ditch. At the hospital they ran probably every test they could think of, ct scan, x-ray, ultrasound, blood, urine. All clean. I went home with a concussion.

Let me tell ya, although I’m so blessed that I didn’t have more injuries, concussions are no fun. My head was pounding for 2 days and I had to keep ice on it because that was all that seemed to help. I slept with an ice pack on my head the first night! Bright lights were horrible and I wore sunglasses all the time outside. It was actually worse at night because of the headlights. And yes I wore sunglasses at night 🎶. The scary part of it though is the memory loss. I could remember most things that happened a long time ago, but my short term wasn’t right. I would randomly have trouble remembering things. During a 40 minute car ride with my husband I forgot something he told me at the beginning of our drive by the end of the drive. I went back to work and I did everything slower than normal. Physical therapy warned me not to push myself that it would only make it worse and recovery longer. My job is typically not a slow one. I would be working on something and get interrupted and completely forget what I was doing before it happened. It would take about 5 minutes and serious thought before I got back on track. It was discouraging.

Lucky for me, my office was closed for the holidays longer than normal and I got to spend time at home resting. Even when my head felt better and the memory problems started to improve, there was still fatigue. The smallest things would make me really tired and I would have to take a nap so as not to trigger a headache.

Sunday of this week I had a burst of energy. Finally! I was able to help with farm chores, mucked out the horse stall and deep cleaned inside the house. Work this week was much better and I was productive and back to my normal working speed. I finally heard from insurance about my car, so we have some next step plans on that matter. Things are moving along and moving forward now. But guys…life got cRaZy!

Warm day in winter

Today was relatively warm considering it’s December. That’s Ohio for ya. We put school off and went outside with the animals for a while. Caidance did a little training with Lucky and then hopped on bare back for a while. I think she rides more that way than under saddle to be honest.

We got another large egg this week that I’m guessing must be a double yoker. I’m not sure which chicken is laying them but man do I feel bad for her 😳😂

Bare back barrels lol
Double yoke? 🤔
Chasing around for exercise 😂

Now it’s dark outside and it’s time to hit the books and get some school work done! 😊

I hope everyone enjoyed this sunny day as much as we did.


Last year was our first year homeschooling. Much before the pandemic of 2020 and the wave of homeschoolers that came with it. We chose an all in one accredited curriculum, Abeka Academy. Prior to this our oldest was in public school (up til 5th grade). We liked it. It was an adjustment and took some getting used to. This curriculum is what we chose again to buy this year for her and our middle child starting preschool.

9 weeks into this years curriculum and well…. we want to change. After the first year of homeschooling I have really learned a lot. This curriculum is very much like school at home rather than actually homeschooling. So we changed location but not really the learning style. A few weeks before the end of the first quarter i changed her to unaccredited and have actually been more parent led and not using the videos. I also realized how BORING the history and science books are since I was teaching out of them. I have realized that I am in charge and we don’t have to be boring.

Tonight I ordered a new history and science curriculum that seems much more interesting and I can’t wait til it gets here to try it out. Am I worried about changing curriculum part way in? I was, but I remember that this is our way not public school way. I also know that if she enjoys it she will retain more and do the work faster since she enjoys it. We will still use Abeka’s math and English. I think she is doing well with them, but here’s to trying out Masterbooks history and science! Wish us luck! 💜

The Fence

Well after a long week of waiting for the rain to stop and hurrying to dig holes when it was dry this part of the fence is up. One whole side. We have 2 more sides to do and the rest will be electric fence for the back. Even with an auger digging post holes was hard.

We got this fence from a nice lady down the road. She said if we took it down we could take it home. So now we have this fence. I don’t know what it is but I love old fences. I like this better than a new fence.

I am ready to just be done for a while but we still have a lot of work to do.

Lucky’s Barn

We have been collecting free pallets for us to try and use to make a shelter for Lucky. We can’t bring her home until we have a shelter and fence.

We borrowed an auger to dig holes for the fence posts but it rained every day since and we can’t work on the fence. Today we started trying to assemble a shelter for Lucky. It has been a lot of back and forth. Try this and try that. What are we going to do now. What I think vs. What my husband thinks. Ugh. But we reached something that is starting to resemble a shelter. I hope to pick up some more pallets so we can continue to work on it.

We have all of the gates we need for the fence. We have some of the wood but we will need to buy more. We also need to purchase some electric fencing. We still have SO much that we need to do but I feel good and excited that something happened toward our goal. I just hope it works.

Box Cat

Cats and boxes! I wonder if anyone has ever figured out WHY?! they do this. If only this cat could talk….

An update on Tabby (Tabs)…she is very playful now. I am pretty sure she is nocturnal since she is up most of the night and passes out during the day. Either that or she’s a party girl 😂

Yesterday, we left for a horse riding lesson with Lucky and when we returned one of the window blinds was pulled off and laying on the couch. My imagination thought of two scenarios. Either Tabby playing with the cords again, got tangled and the struggle to be free pulled it down; OR Tabby was playing with the cords again, Raven (my pitbull) decided to join her and together they ripped the blinds down. Either way Tabby most likely started it. 😂

Her cold is much better. I don’t hear any raspy noises when she breathes now. The amount of “eye goop” she gets is very little. Thank God because cleaning it is gross. All in all I think she will be alright. The husband has mentioned that if she stays she will be spayed and declawed. Lucky for her she has to wait until she is at least 6 months old before that can happen.